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Reviewdrop is being used with online stores via platforms such as Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify and Squarespace. Find out how much you can save with us compared to others and discover features that work best for your business.

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Automatically send email invites for feedback

Requesting feedback from customers can be time consuming. You are forced to take time out your busy schedule to write engaging emails in hopes the customer will reply. With Reviewdrop, we reduce this hassle by automatically sending email invitations out to customers after they make an order.

You can choose to send out this email a set date after order. For example, say you are running a clothing store, you know orders will arrive at the customer within the week. On Reviewdrop you would set email invites to send out 7 days after order to give time for the customer to evaluate your item.

Optionally, you can also send email invitations to customers manually via our dashboard if they made an offline order. Please ensure you have GDPR consent by the customer to send however!

Stay in control of reviews

Reviewdrop makes use of two areas to display customer feedback. Your company profile page is the heart of all your reviews. Potential customers can land on this page from organic web searches or via your website widget. The website widget is installed with a few clicks and displays only the reviews you select. All reviews will appear on your company profile to give a true reflection of your business.


If you are using an e-commerce platform such as Woocommerce, Bigcommerce or Shopify, then we already have full integration with these services to send out automatic email invites on order conversion. If you are using a bespoke solution, we also have Zapier support. Please contact us directly as our Zapier app is not currently public.

We also have a WordPress plugin on the official directory to make installation even easier. The plugin also has full support for Woocommerce email invites.


Reviewdrop's main purpose is to make it easier and more affordable for small/medium businesses to be able to collect and display customer feedback. We noticed a trend with other review systems that increase dramatically in price. For example, Trustpilot in the last year (2019) have increased their basic plan to £248 per month on the most basic plan after free.

You can check out how we compare with Trustpilot to save you money. We are working hard to become feature complete over the coming months.

Customer incentives

Customers can be gifted a coupon code after they write their feedback as incentive to be used off their next order. Not only does this increase feedback adoption, but also brings customers back for repeat business.

Real feedback

We have recently added a new interface for gathering reviews. You now have control of choosing what fields you would like on submission. Customers can now leave a star rating for each section of their experience. For example, price, delivery, service and product. We think this will dramatically help reduce the time needed for a customer to think what they should write in a review and return essential feedback of your service.

Business responses are just as important as the customer leaving a review. This is why you are also able to respond to reviews to give your feedback on their experience. The customer will recieve your response by email.

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